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What We Do

Managing your money wisely means being knowledgeable about your options and making informed choices. We educate our clients so that they can take charge of their financial lives.

Ideally, a financial plan should integrate your financial goals with a well devised tax and investment strategy. As you build your wealth, you also need to make the right choices to protect your investments from high fees, taxes, market volatility and inflation. It is not just how much money you have saved and earned, but how much money you keep in your pocket at the end of the day, that really counts.

At TFG Wealth Management, we use our knowledge and experience to simplify the process. We specialize in retirement and advanced planning and provide clients with a conservative approach that is intended to not merely realize a maximum rate of return on investment, but also to ensure that assets are maximally protected from risk, fees, taxes and other situations that can essentially reduce their value.

This approach, combining both safe and risk investments, is referred to as purpose-based asset management. It is designed to provide greater diversity and allows our clients to sleep at night knowing their money is better protected to last to and through retirement.

Much of our strategy is aimed at capitalizing on the most effective ways to make the most out of every dollar earned. Known as “maximum financial efficiency”, this approach focuses on increasing the velocity of money – and the positive impact it can have on overall net worth.

We provide a number of services to meet varying needs. Our comprehensive wealth management services cover features such as wealth enhancement, wealth protection, wealth transfer, tax mitigation, cash flow planning, risk mitigation and transfer, legacy and estate planning, as well as other services that are designed to maximize long-term financial outcomes.

As fee-only wealth managers, we are committed solely to your best interests when devising financial strategies and providing investment recommendations. This allows us to provide you with unbiased advice that steers you only to the products and services that we believe will best meet your investment objectives.

What will TFG Wealth Management do for you?

  • We will help you answer the most important retirement questions – and the ones that are the most pertinent to your specific situation.
  • We will develop a plan for you to use as a guide for your retirement that includes an income plan, asset plan, investment plan and qualified tax management plan.
  • We will help you implement this plan. We take a step-by-step approach that is carefully devised to help better ensure that your retirement goals are reached.
  • We will oversee the movement of investments, creation of appropriate documentation, professional management of your money, and distributions to you and your heirs, if desired. We will work with you to re-evaluate your plan year after year to make sure that you are on track to meet your financial goals. We commit to meeting in person with every client 3 – 4 times a year.
What We Do


What We Do

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What We Do