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TFG builds personal relationships while helping clients increase, protect and preserve their wealth. We teach out clients about how money works so they can make good decisions about how to save and invest for the things that are important to them, such as planning for retirement, saving for college or creating a legacy for the next generation.

Finding an Investment Advisor who understands how the financial world is changing is hard. Finding one that truly wants to understand your specific goals and needs, putting them above everything else, is even harder. To fully prepare for retirement, you need someone with the unique skills and background to know how to handle every situation in order to help you travel the road towards a secure, independent retirement. Mark Fried is that someone – helping you locate and fix your Retirement Blind Spots.

Mark is a Wealth Strategist who uses a different approach, called “Maximum Planning”, to get clients to and through their retirement. His approach has been developed based on years of working with very wealthy families. Mark knows that looking at every facet of a person’s financial world is the key to a successful financial future. He uses methods other financial professionals don’t consider and employs technology they don’t have access to.

An experienced Financial Planner, Retirement Planner and Investment Advisor in Newtown, Bucks County, PA, Mark Fried helps clients throughout the country achieve their financial goals. Call Mark at (215) 968-1755 to experience what Maximum Planning can do for you, your family and your future.

Our services are not simply focused on maximizing returns, but are focused on maximizing the probability that our clients achieve their personal and financial goals.

Today’s financial planning must go hand-in-hand with the reality that we are not only living longer, but want to seize opportunities to enjoy the time we have. Asset planning strategies must also take into consideration the fact that minimizing the impact of taxes is as important as achieving higher returns on our portfolios.

Unfortunately, working hard and investing responsibly is sometimes no longer enough to realize financial dreams. There are many obstacles that can get in the way of achieving financial freedom. Inappropriate or misleading advice, half truths and limited information may result in unfortunate financial decisions. The government, greedy financial institutions, and market instability can diminish previously realized asset growth.

Lisa Odoski, Partner & Mark Fried, President

Lisa Odoski, Partner & Mark Fried, President

Have you ever wondered how the wealthy stay wealthy?

At TFG Wealth Management, we teach our clients financial concepts and strategies that are not only designed to enhance wealth, but that leave them better prepared to keep the money they have earned. Our advice provides protection from the land mines, the tax time bombs, the hidden fees, and the greedy institutions that can get in the way of achieving financial independence. We provide information that the government, banks and brokerage firms don’t necessarily want people to know regarding the financial system.

We offer a comprehensive approach to wealth management that addresses individualized financial objectives and includes features such as wealth enhancement, wealth protection and wealth transfer, as well as risk evaluation and mitigation. Our approach is developed to provide disciplined financial strategies aimed at maximizing wealth retention while mitigating risk. We work collaboratively with each client to provide a customized solution that meets the client’s unique objectives.

To learn more about how we can help you achieve your financial goals, please take the time to explore our website in more depth, or contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your financial objectives in person.

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