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Our services are designed to help you achieve your long-term financial goals. Our approach integrates retirement income planning, asset and investment management, tax planning, healthcare planning, and estate planning to provide truly comprehensive financial services.

In order to create a personalized financial program, we begin with a complete analysis of your current financial situation.  We call this your present position.  It includes a review of all of your investments, as well as your tax return, debt, legal documents and much, much more.  Using this information, we build a model of your financial position.

This financial review process often reveals problems not normally considered by the typical financial professional that could be devastating to your financial future.

Next, we create what we call your “picture perfect” financial future.  Our clients find this extremely empowering because it allows them to have a clear vision, often for the first time, to see where their money and planning is actually going to lead them.

Armed with a model of your current financial position and a clear picture of your financial future, TFG creates a custom integrated financial strategy that includes income planning, asset and investment management, a tax strategy, a healthcare plan and an estate plan.

CAUTION:  A plan or strategy will do you no good unless it is implemented!

Learn More About What We Offer:

  • At TFG Wealth Management, we carefully build your unique financial road-map based on a process we call “Maximum Planning”.  Maximum planning refers to an investment approach that incorporates a comprehensive review of everything in your financial world, both now and in the future, in the investment decision-making process.

    Most Financial Planners only consider return on investment.  Others go a bit deeper, and may consider your goals and when you plan to retire.  Our process, however, looks at everything that can possibly impact your financial future and creates a complete three-dimensional evaluation of all aspects of your life, including insurance, social security, taxes, healthcare costs and market uncertainty.

    Mark Fried’s unique background has taught him that wealthy families look beyond return on investment on a regular basis, and their teams of advisors look at every facet of their financial world when making financial decisions.  They understand that how you handle your money, and how circumstances, both now and in the future, impact your decisions, are the keys to a successful financial future.

    Now Mark brings that type of thorough planning and research to all of his clients, regardless of their income or net worth.

    When considering your financial future, don’t you want to insure that all aspects of your financial life are being considered?  If so, it’s time to talk to Mark Fried at TFG Wealth Management and experience what Maximum Planning can do for you.


Problems We Solve

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Problems We Solve