TFG Client Experience

We follow a step-by-step process, designed to create a clear picture of our clients’ financial situation and goals.  We then design and implement strategies that will help them meet these goals.

Below is the process, summed up step-by-step:

Initial Meeting

Each client relationship begins with a complimentary consultation, aimed at reviewing the client’s concerns, current financial situation and goals, as well as providing an overview of the services that TFG offers. In essence, it is a mutual discovery meeting.

Generally, time elapsed from the initial meeting to the recommendation meeting is two weeks.

Mutual Commitment Meeting

After the client has had an opportunity to review our findings and recommendations, we hold a mutual commitment meeting to finalize the details of how we will proceed with services to meet the client’s financial needs. At this time, any remaining questions related to the client’s financial plan will be discussed. The client will also choose whether they would like us to manage implementation of their financial plan or whether they would prefer that we serve as consultants, providing advice and recommendations that they can choose to implement on their own.

Generally, time elapsed from the recommendation meeting to the mutual commitment meeting is one week.

Advanced Planning

Once the commitment meeting is completed, we begin the phase of advanced planning, based on agreed-upon initiatives determined with the client. This involves a comprehensive evaluation of the entire range of financial needs of the client, along with the development of our specific recommendations for what should be done to most appropriately meet those needs. During this phase, we will work with a team of carefully selected professionals, each with a high level of expertise and skill in key financial areas, to devise the most effective solutions to meet desired financial outcomes.

Of course, the exact consultative process will vary slightly from client to client, dependent on each client’s particular financial needs, as well as the type and level of services provided, but this plan serves as a general guideline of how our consultative process typically progresses.


TFG Client Experience

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